Can Pets Spread COVID-19

With the outbreak of COVID-19 getting worse, there are many videos related to their pets getting beaten to death. There are rumours spread among themselves, which stated that animal can spread the deadly disease, COVID-19. It is quite common for an animal to spread the virus. For example in 2013, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) […]

Travel Restriction

With the outbreak continue to spread across the world, many nations have proposed travel restriction towards people who have been to China. The U.S. is barring foreigner who has been to China within the past 14 days and quarantines U.S. citizen who has just come back from China. Australia decided to deny the entry of […]

New Hospital in Wuhan

The newest amount of confirmed cases in China is 17205 and the death toll rises to 361, there are 475 cured cases which have been discharged from the hospital. With this large number of infected people, hospitals are not sufficient to provide medical to the infected citizen. But around last week the Chinese officials stated […]