Vaccine for coronavirus

With the increase of people involved in the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, scientist, biotech company and pharmaceutical company all over the world are trying their best to produce vaccines for coronavirus. Here are some few things you need to know regarding the vaccine.

It Wouldn’t Be So Soon

During 2003 the outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) causes around 8000 individuals being infected and a death toll of 800 people. The vaccine for SARS took around 20 months from scratch to provide to the public. With the latest technology, professionals believe the team can develop the new vaccine within 3 months. But it will take around 1 year to approved by the authorities, during these 1-year professionals will observe whether the vaccine is safe to use and can be mass-produced. It will still take some time for the vaccine to be prepared for the people.

Battle Between Company

With the need to stop this outbreak, over dozens of Biotech company and pharmaceutical company all over the world are trying to create a vaccine for coronavirus. These companies are competing with each other to determine who can find the “Recipe To Save Humanity” in the shortest time.


With companies competing, who is responsible for covering most of the expenses used by the company. The answer is investors. Investors play a big role in solving this humanitarian crisis providing financial aids for companies. Few company stocks have skyrocketed over a past few weeks. These companies include Novavax, with the gained of 91% and Inovio Pharmaceuticals gained 37% in January according to CNBC.