Can mask protect you from coronavirus

  The need for surgical mask has increased as the outbreak of Wuhan coronavirus continuously spread to different countries. China and Taiwan are now lack of surgical mask. China’s surgical mask-making company is trying to recruit more people to their factory by giving a higher salary to the worker. There are multiple types of mask in this market,  In this article, we are going to discuss can mask protect you from coronavirus.

Cloth masks

With the surgical mask being out of stock and the cost of N95 masks are quite high, cloth mask seems to be the only choice for the people. Since cloth mask is made out of fabric, hence it can only stop large particles such as sand. Cloth masks are capable of absorbing large water droplets but it failed to stop small particle and virus. CNN Philipines suggested that if the citizens are scared of the new coronavirus, they should use cloth mask due to the shortage of the surgical mask. However, it is advised that the users should wash the used cloth mask every day.

3-ply surgical masks

A surgical mask is the most popular among people due to its effectiveness. The 3-ply surgical mask is more effective than a cloth mask. The cloth mask absorbs water droplets but instead 3-ply surgical mask prevent water droplets from entering.3-ply surgical mask also prevent large particle but it fails to prevent the small particle from getting in the user’s mouth. Other than that, the 3-ply mask does not fully cover the face. Which means that the virus and droplets can get in by the side.

N95 masks

The N95 mask is the most effective compared to the other 2 types of masks.N95 masks can block all types of particle regardless of big or small doctors. However, this mask is quite uncomfortable to wear. Some doctors wore it for 1 hour and feel very damp and hot inside the mask. Medical professionals suggest that if you want to wear the N95 masks, ensure the mask fit perfectly with your face else virus and droplets will be able to get into your mouth.


So can mask protect you from coronavirus? No, stated by many medical professionals. The masks are for those who are infected, to refrain the virus from spreading all over the area but wearing one does not guarantee you will not be infected. Medical websites have also stated that hygiene is also a must to take in consideration when preventing the coronavirus. These include washing your hand before eating, prevent touching face and rubbing eyes with dirty hands.