With the number of people infected with coronavirus is increasing rapidly, hence the market in China is slowing down. Many of the Chinese stock plunges rapidly after the outbreak of the new virus. With very few people going to work, many investors predict this will cause the GDP of China to decrease. China is one of the nations which has the largest economy in the world, but China’s current situation will not just affect China but other countries as well. For example stock of apple drops as the sales in China drops stated by CNBC.Apple is one of many companies that suffer from this coronavirus outbreak. Many electronic as well came from the production line of China. However, not all company suffer from this virus outbreak. Much biotech company’s stock skyrocket as the outbreak of the coronavirus continues. Other than that, the medical production company also sees this outbreak as an opportunity. For example, a surgical mask-making company is willing to pay more to recruit more employee in the factory. Many investors stated that the economy of many nations will keep on decreasing as the virus continues to spread across the world.